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  • Sunset Cruise

    Enjoy a magnificent sunset over the majestic Brahmaputra River, and return to Guwahati city with plenty of time to enjoy your evening, with this relaxing and unforgettable sunset cruise experience.
  • Dinner Cruise

    Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or planning a larger dinner cruise for your office, family, or friends, Alfresco Grand's new Dinner Cruise is the perfect getaway.


“Lovely romantic experience!!”

The place is really amazing with tasty food and lovely view of great Brahmaputra river. The experience was quite thrilling too… As the restaurant is inside a cruise ship on the river, it keeps on moving which is quite amazing experience.. Specially if you go in a rainy or windy day, experience can be quite thrilling.

Bharati Bhubaneswar, Tripadvisor

“Waah! What a cruise!”

Very nice river cruise in the heart of Guwahati City! For a few hours you will forget that you are in Guwahati, the cruise through the mighty Brahmaputra makes it feel like you are in the midst of the ocean and not a river.

BorGhororMekuri Guwahati, Tripadvisor


The best thing at Guwahati! An hour long cruise in the serene river Brahmaputra. It’s beautiful, calm, enchanting and extremely romantic! Top it up with amazing food and drinks at extremely low prices. It’s an unforgettable memory!

Atul Jain Mumbai, Tripadvisor

“A romantic experience in the river Brahmaputra.”

It was really a wonderful n romantic experience on the alfresco grand. The food was great. And the half our cruise was awesome. To see the sunset sipping tea in the alfresco grand was a beautiful moment for me.

Naushad H Guwahati, Tripadvisor

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Assam has a history dating back to the Vedic age. The modern name of the province Assam is actually of quite recent origin. Prior to the advent of the Ahom, this land is known as PRAGJYOTISHPURA or the City of Eastern Light. It is also commonly known as Kamrupain the medieval age.

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