Sundown Cruise

Enjoy a magnificent sundown cruise over the majestic Brahmaputra River.

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Sunset Cruise

Enjoy a magnificent sunset over the majestic Brahmaputra River, and return to Guwahati city with plenty of time to enjoy your evening, with this relaxing and unforgettable sunset cruise experience.

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Dinner Cruise

Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or planning a larger dinner cruise for your office, family, or friends, Alfresco Grand’s new Dinner Cruise is the perfect getaway.

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Candlelight Cruise

Enjoy Candle Light Cruise on SB AGAM. For the perfect romantic getaway.

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Island Party

Enjoy Island Party on Brahmaputra. Ideal for Corporate/PSU/Govt Events.

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Day Long Picnic

Enjoy Day Long Picnic on our Luxury cruises and Houseboat.

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Private Charter

Enjoy Private Charter on our Luxury cruises and Houseboat.

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Business Conference

For Business Conferences. Ideal for Corporate/PSU/Govt Day long conferences.

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Overnight Cruise

Enjoy exclusive overnight cruises on Alfresco Grand and SB AGAM.

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Houseboat Cruise

Enjoy exclusive Houseboat Cruises. SB AGAM is a cozy 3 AC Cabin boat with attached washrooms.

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Lunch Cruise

Introducing Lunch Cruise on Alfresco Grand.

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